Thursday, December 6, 2012

Out side of the box

These were for school..strength...I was thinking out side of the box. I feel break dancing is something you would need,to have some crazy strength to do.

trying to watch a movie

This was a challenge from the other blog I'm a part of. It was the week that batman was coming out. Funny seeing these three in the movies...hahah no pun intended.

Plane Ride

I love illustrating on trips..this was on my way to CT last summer.

A loong night

This was inspired by a coworker who always went out the night before and...well... i think you get the picture.


Looved this movie! Made this one using my bamboo wacom for the first time.

Golden frog

I will put up the original one but another image from the book i worked on.

The virtual Adventures of Megan and Timmy

The cover of a book i worked on. :)